Sunday, May 20, 2012

Grade the Work, Not the Behaviour

Grade the Work, Not the Behaviour
by Cindi Rigsbee
Education Week Teacher – May 8, 2012

“You can’t give a student a zero for cheating.  You have to separate behavior from academics.”
I now respond by reassigning the work or re-administering the test by making it different and, if possible, more rigorous.  What was, at first, a multiple choice quiz may become an essay when I re-test the student.

Maybe the problem is that the student needs a different way of showing they’ve learned the concepts and principles.

I believe cheating would go away and not be a problem if students were allowed to demonstrate, in their own way, their understanding of the material.

This could mean a drawing or diagram, making a model, writing a song, performing a short play, conducting an experiment, etc.  This is truly testing for knowledge and application of that knowledge.

No student would WANT to “cheat” because they would be too eager to express and share, in their own way, what they’ve learned.

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