Monday, October 8, 2012

Ensure Your Child Thrives in Class This Year

Ensure Your Child Thrives in Class This Year

Howard Gardiner developed the Theory of Multiple Intelligences.  Traditional IQ tests measure potential in logical-mathematical intelligence and spatial intelligence, basically, can the child understand words and numbers.

Gardiner says that there are a myriad of ways kids can be intelligent.  We need to acknowledge these various ways.

As we move more and more towards standardized testing, society continues to drop recognition of the other intelligences.  They only emphasize logical-mathematical and linguistic intelligence.  This results in kids, who are stronger in one of Gardiner’s other intelligences, being made to feel stupid and unable to learn.

Kids will then not see the potential career paths available to their type of intelligence.  They will switch off and not participate in school.  They may even switch off from life.

We’re losing so much potential for our future because we insist that logical-mathematical and linguistic intelligence are the only intelligences worth having.

By using the learning style evaluator on the Kidzmet website, you are now ready to have a conversation with the school principle about how your child learns best and in which teacher’s classroom your child will thrive.

Listen to our discussion with Jen Lillienstein, Founder of Kidzmet

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