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RI Students Gaining "Badges", Credits Outside School

RI Students Gaining “Badges”, Credits Outside School
Published Online: February 5, 2013
Published in Print: February 6, 2013,
Education Week

What Providence, RI is doing in their high schools is a perfect example of recognizing that students (people in general) learn in different ways.  Each person has their own personal method of learning, which may not be sitting in a chair and listening to a lecture.  I know that I am an active, experiential learner, sitting still and paying attention was hard.

“Providence district is allowing students to engage in for-credit, badge-earning learning experiences outside school. Examples range from developing and pitching business plans to local venture capital firms to learning how to make Android phone applications at Brown University.”

"But good learning is learning that is relevant and rigorous that takes place in and outside of school,"

"Digital badges are designed to recognize learning that happens anytime, anywhere," said Mr. Ewens, adding that badges can have a powerful impact on students themselves, helping them take greater "ownership" of their learning.

“The district hopes eventually to use the badges to help students gain credit within classes for relevant work outside the classroom that reflects mastery of academic content.”

“Rhode Island, like some other states, has high school students gain credits for showing proficiency in academic courses needed for graduation, rather than by the amount of time they take to complete a course, known as "seat time." Increasing numbers of states are moving to such "competency-based education" models, in which schools want students to demonstrate knowledge of subject material in new ways to show they have mastered it to move forward.”

Let’s all applaud the strides Providence is taking in making school and learning relevant and useful for their students.

If this is something you want for your child, contact Providence After School Alliance, a non-profit organization that collaborated with the Providence School District.

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