Saturday, December 3, 2011

What Children Need to Learn to Read

Michelle Vallene
The Learning Curve Radio Show

Birth through 5 years are the most important.  Children are sponges absorbing so much, that’s why engrossing early learning experiences are critical!

Parents are their children’s first teacher.  Parents need to be involved in their child’s education in order for their children to succeed at school and in life.

Children who are not exposed to and learn knowledge in their first five years end up being behind when they start school.  They usually end up remaining behind their peers, dropping out of school and not doing well in life.

Children learn in so many different ways.  A parent needs to try many different methods for teaching their children.  Make learning fun and spend time learning with them.  Find everyday learning opportunities, and they don’t need to be academic book learning.  They can be practical life skills such as cooking, cleaning, folding and putting away clothes, taking care of a pet, etc.

By spending learning time with your child you put value on learning new skills and knowledge, and you set the standard your child will strive to emulate.

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