Sunday, February 12, 2012

Create and Use a Team Vocabulary

7 No Fail Secrets to Stop the Drama!

Secret #6 – Create and Use a Team Vocabulary: create phrases and words that everyone on the team understands in a given context.  Many miscommunications happen because words provide less than 10% of the meaning of the message.

Each family is a team and as such they create their own phrases and words that everyone in the family understands.  The family creates their own unique communication fingerprint/style amongst themselves.  This is made up of the connotations or words, plus the mood and body language used.

Children initially learn their communication fingerprint/style from their family.  The meaning of words and phrases used by one family may not mean the same to another family.  Therefore, when children use their family’s communication fingerprint outside of the family, communication misunderstandings and conflict can occur.

To fix this when it happens:
·         Realize that your understanding of a word or phrase can be different from another’s.  So don’t assume everyone understands your unique communication fingerprint/style.
·         When a misunderstanding happens, assume the positive – give the other person the benefit of the doubt.  Believe that person has a positive reason for what they’re saying or doing.
·         Find out what is the misunderstood phrase or word and explain what you mean.  Now allow the other person to express their understanding.  Remember, they will have their own family and/or cultural communication fingerprint/style.
Roger and Virginia interview Dr. Robyn Odegaard PhD., on issues concerning the drama of upset relationships and disharmony in families, sports teams and the corporate workplace. “Doc Robyn” reveals the 7 No-Fail Secrets to Stop the Drama.

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