Sunday, March 18, 2012

Care Enough to Give Tough Honest Feedback

9 Secrets to Great “Family” Teamwork
Each family is a team, and as such they should be supporting and enhancing each other.

Secret #4 – Care enough to give tough feedback and trust each other enough to apply it.

Care enough about your family team members that you give honest, enhancing feedback.  Trust that your family team members have your and the family’s best interests in mind.  Assume the positive, believe that they have a positive reason for what they’re saying or doing.

If you have respectfully dealt with your children, then they will respectfully deal with you.  Trust that they will give you positive enhancing feedback.

Roger and Virginia interview Dr. Robyn Odegaard PhD., on issues concerning the drama of upset relationships and disharmony in families, sports teams and the corporate workplace. “Doc Robyn” reveals the 7 No-Fail Secrets to Stop the Drama.

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