Sunday, March 4, 2012

Hold Each Other Accountable

9 Secrets to Great “Family” Teamwork
Each family is a team, and as such they should be supporting and enhancing each other.

Secret #2 – Hold each other accountable.  Each family team member has certain tasks and responsibilities to the team so that it functions well.
If one of the team members is not fulfilling their responsibilities:
·         first assume the positive – that they are trying to meet their responsibilities,
·         second, ask how you can help them to step up and meet their responsibilities.

It may be that they need re-educating in a subject, or some temporary help because of an overload in another area of their life.

Roger and Virginia interview Dr. Robyn Odegaard PhD., on issues concerning the drama of upset relationships and disharmony in families, sports teams and the corporate workplace. “Doc Robyn” reveals the 7 No-Fail Secrets to Stop the Drama.

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