Monday, January 7, 2013

New Education Consumerism

Having a Consumer Mindset

Schools need to have a “customer service attitude” towards their “clients”, which are the parents and children.  Parents need to become informed “consumers” of the educational services being provided to their children, and not accept anything less than the best.

Access to information about their child’s school is crucial for parents if the system is to work to the benefit of the “consumer” (parents).  Remember when we first began changing to “consumer-driven” health insurance?  Information about the cost of care and the quality of doctors and hospitals was critical for employees to make informed decisions and being good consumers of healthcare.

Just as people have learned to become consumers of healthcare, parents need to become consumers of education.  Parents need to view education, even public education, as a service/product they are purchasing.  After all, public education is purchased through your tax dollars.

If the consumers (parents) don’t demand a quality product we will not have positive changes in our education system.  Change needs to come from consumers (parents) demanding something better.

Parents need to “kick the tires” to ensure they’re getting the quality of education their children deserve for the dollars they’re spending.

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