Saturday, January 12, 2013

Powerfully Crippling Learning Barrier

Powerfully Crippling Learning Barrier

N.M. School Builds Bridge to Standards for ELL’s
Education Week, November 13, 2012

“The new English/language arts standards demand that students sharpen their skills at reading, understanding and analyzing a variety of complex texts.  For teachers of English-language learners like xxxx, using strategies and supports (such as clarifying unfamiliar words and expressions), have long been crucial tools in effectively teaching ELL’s,”

This is a PERFECT example of one of the Barriers to Learning – Non-Defined Words or Symbols.

Having properly and thoroughly defined words and symbols is essential for anyone learning something new, and I’m shocked and appalled that teachers are only now coming to realize that this is crucial!

This is such a powerfully crippling Learning Barrier that in the presence of a non-understood (absent definition) or an incompletely understood word, blankness and non-comprehension can be so damning that an individual is unable to act or perform.  He or she is at a complete loss, numb and immobile.

If you doubt the power of this Learning Barrier recall the last time you could not act or perform.  Locate what was the not understood word or symbol, define all that word or symbol involved — and then see how you do!

I rescue failing students by remedying the Barriers to Learning.

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