Sunday, February 24, 2013

Apprenticeships Are Valuable Learning Vehicles

Internships Help Students Prepare for Workplace
Education Week, January 29, 2013

Apprenticeships are valuable learning vehicles that have been dropped out of our educational environment.

In the rush to push every student to go to college, we lost sight of the fact that not everyone needs to go to college to build a career.

Going through an apprenticeship, becoming a journeyman, a craftsman and finally a master is the proper gradient to ensure each master is built on a solid foundation of knowledge and experience.

Anytime you address a subject, skill or ability you want to learn or teach be sure to first break it down into the gradient steps that should be learned, and approach them in the right order. Equally important, be ever alert to the symptoms of the by-passed gradient when they manifest so you can backtrack and get it right.

Dr. Maria Montessori demonstrated this with her methods a hundred years ago.

Great masters of any activity do this. They achieve their mastery by having broken down the subject of their area of mastery into its parts and practice, practice, practice each of those parts until mastered. Then they combine the parts into the whole of the performance.

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