Sunday, February 17, 2013

Your Child Lags Behind in Reading Skills - What To Do

Your Child Lags Behind in Reading Skills – What To Do

I recently read a post from a concerned homeschooling parent.  They were concerned that their son, who is their fourth child, was not yet reading at age 7.  He/She was wondering if they needed to perform an intervention or wait for him to grow into it.

One response to this post was “What if your child is the same age as you other children were when they were eagerly reading, but is either not interested in learning to read, or is having great difficulty learning to read?  Do you panic?  Do you have this child tested? Do you wait?  Will the reading just ‘click’ at some point if you wait long enough?  How does a mother know if this is a ‘maturity issue’ or if this difficulty is a sign of a learning disability?”  This person then went on to recommend some curriculum.

I, on the other hand, have a different view on this.  Since the child has little interest in learning to read I would ask: what subject is the child greatly interested in?  Once that is known I would then show the child how learning to read can help them in learning more and doing more in the subject they really enjoy.

The child has not been shown the Purpose & Value of learning to read.  This is one of the prime Barriers to Learning and one that is tripped over continuously.

If this child were shown the value and relevance to them of learning to read, I would bet that child begins devouring books.

I rescue failing students by remedying the Barriers to Learning.

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