Sunday, April 29, 2012

Doodling for Dollars

Doodling for Dollars 
(Wall St. Journal, April 25, 2012)

Companies are encouraging their employees to “put down their smartphones and doodle their ideas and draw diagrams to explain complicated concepts. . . .”

To facilitate this, companies are installing white boards, chalk boards and writable glass all over the workplace.

This is a perfect demonstration of Learning Barrier Five – An Imbalance of Theoretical Knowledge versus Practical Experience, or in this case, the physical drawings, doodlings, and 3-D models.

Imagine trying to learn to ride a horse simply by reading a book and not getting on a horse.  Until you balance that theoretical knowledge with the practical experience of getting on a horse, you haven’t really learned to ride a horse.

The same phenomena can happen when trying to explain an idea or concept using only words.  Many times people need the practical experience of a diagram, drawing or 3-D model.

The next time you’re not understanding a concept or idea, don’t feel dumb, ask for a diagram or 3-D model.

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