Monday, April 16, 2012

The REAL Benefits of Your Child Going to Camp

What Are the Real Benefits to You and Your Child of Going to Camp?

Did you know that many families go to camp as a family rather than sending the kids off along?  Camp these days are for ages 3 to 93.  Family camps include a week of the family experiencing camp together.  Some families make this their annual family vacation.

How does a parent go about choosing a camp for their child(ren)?  Sleep away camp or day camp?  Camp is an important experience on a child’s development.  Get them involved in researching and choosing the camp.

Research and evidence shows that children with a camp experience have higher self-esteem and self-confidence.  They seek out new learning opportunities.  Those who are active learners – they learn by doing – flourish in a camp environment.

Experience with nature is important for developing creativity and problem solving skills.  Camp also helps prevent the Summer Slide that can happen when kids are not challenged and learning during the summer.  Children who experience successes at camp are more likely to return to school more enthusiastic about learning.

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