Sunday, April 22, 2012

Flattening the School Walls

Flattening the School Walls from Education Week Teacher April 18, 2012

"Principal Tom Horn has transformed a troubled alternative high school in Oregon by introducing a radical project-based learning model."
I applaud Mr. Horn’s change to the typical cookie cutter method of teaching, however there is nothing “radical” about this approach to learning.  The Montessori Method had been addressing learning with this model for over 100 years.

"He instituted a cohort design in which students remain with the same teacher all day."
In Montessori and Waldorf schools, the students remain with each other and their teacher for 3 or more years.  So again, there is nothing “radical” about this approach except that it is being instituted in a public school.

"At Kennedy, teachers’ first concern in engagement – keeping kids in school.  'You get kids hooked on personal interest,'"
This is a main tenet of the Montessori Method.  The student is always allowed to follow what interests them.

Virginia Koenig – Education Consultant

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